Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Elesha ♥ Taste of Shanghai

So from this Tuesday onwards look forward to Elesha's new obsessions with FOOD!
As anyone who knows me will know, I love eating and every week on tuesday I will share my new finds on the blog (so the guys at work don't have to deal with my incessant ramblings on my latest obsessions every day)

Everyone needs to go to Taste of Shanghai at World Square to try their fried pork mini buns. These buns are seriously the food of gods! Crispy on the bottom, soft and fluffy on top with steaming soup and pork inside. Be careful though, because if you're not careful you'll end up like me with soup all over my crispy new Richard Nicoll Shirt (Thanks to the lovely Thea at Blonde Venus) and a burnt tongue!
My tip is to take a small bite, pour in some vinegar and drink the soup first.
Now go, do yourself a favour and hit that place up!

Taste of Shanghai
Shop 9.07 (Lower Ground Floor by the Gloria Jeans)
644 George St
Sydney, 2000

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