Thursday, 16 August 2012

Always facinated by what makes our clients tick, PMFA sat down with the delightful Anna Diaz for a casual Q&A

- What's playing on your iPod at the moment?
It's all very 'on trend' but I have listened to Frank Ocean's new album roughly 5 times this morning (it's 10am).

- What book are you currently reading?
I have a series of unfinished books on my bedside table... this question makes me feel guilty about leaving them all there. I love to read but I haven't been able to commit to a book for a couple of years now. It's very sad. The last book I finished was George Orwell's 1989 in 2010 when I was sitting on a beach in Thailand without a care in the world.

- What item in your wardrobe is getting the most wear at the moment?
My Vivienne Westwood mocassin slippers and a cashmere paisley woven scarf from Italy both given to me by very good friends of mine. The scarf has multiple uses from blanket, food catcher, neck warmer and shade maker ^_^

- Where do you buy most of your clothes?
I try to mix between op shops, boutique clothes and my own stuff. Violent Green in Brisbane has been my wardrobe for the last decade, but  I'm currently going through a life cleanse / crisis (whichever you prefer to call it) and am going to sell the entire contents of my wardrobe. I am vowing to only buy things I really love and believe in from now on. Also no more hopeful size buying goddamnit.

- Do you have any favourite current trends?

Love a good print mashup

- Can you describe what your workroom looks like?
Old dried goth looking roses, empty coffee cups, heaps of glitter from old projects, lots of empty waterbottles, dud printed fabrics used as curtains, lots of (low maintenance) plants, heaps of posters and paint colour chips on the wall that keep falling down from the humidity, some fun colourful sundae dishes that I use as stationery organizers and holders of my positive 'totems', incense burning, styrofoam pineapples and watermelon slices from my last photoshoot in an array of colours and glitter quantities, and just lots of STUFF

- Is there anyone you'd like to see wearing your designs?
Frank Ocean! Ha, but really, Azealia Banks at the supermarket, Tavi Gevinson while she's .. doing anything really, or Arya Stark's modern equivalent (maybe that is Tavi?!). 

- Where or when do you feel most inspired?
It can hit me anywhere and anytime, the trick is to keep a pen and paper handy and make sure I get it down before it all disappears. But simple things like looking at a good cloud or a pretty sunrise or driving over a hill to see the horizon and ocean come into view give me pretty overwhelming feelings of amazingness. It's hard not to be inspired by the natural world.
- Could you give us any tidbits about your next collection?
Let's just say we can all relate to it....  the muse is a teenage girl on a family beach holiday, so there is an ocean/surf vibe to it, but it's all about her... She sneaks out to see boys, looks up to the cool girl gangs who smoke Vogue's and drink goon, she has skater and surfer boy crushes and is just trying to fit in. Rebelling against her parents and any rules just to be different, hanging behind the toilets for a cig, DIY school uniform modifications.... A bit of 80's/90's nostalgia that makes you think back to what it was like growing up. I suppose you could also say my label is also going through puberty! Gross!

- What's the best fashion advice you've been given?
 Not sure about the best, but the worst is definitely that elastic waistbands aren't cool (they are) and ugg boots are gross (they're actually a dream come true).

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