Thursday, 23 August 2012

 PMFA has a casual Q and A with the fabulous 
Lady Petrova

- What's playing on your iPod at the moment?
Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, No Doubt, Shangri La's, Diplo, TLC and Kate Bush

- What book are you currently reading?
A True Crime Book on Serial Killers

- What item in your wardrobe is getting the most wear at the moment?
The Turkish Delight fuchsia velvet dress from my Winter Collection and my lilac leather platform boots.

- Where do you buy most of your clothes?
Lady Petrova Boutique of course!

- Do you have any favourite current trends?
I love that ladylike fabrications, accessories and bright cosmetics are becoming acceptable for everyday wear.
Wearing lace, flowers in your hair and lipstick is no longer saved for special occasions.
I hate saving...... you should always wear what you buy straight away.... even if it is just around your house!

- Can you describe what your workroom looks like?
On the walls I have theme boards, Mucha posters and 1920's magazines, on the floor at the moment is a sea of brown pattern card, while I finish pattern making my current collection.

- Is there anyone you'd like to see wearing your designs?
I love seeing fabulous girls walking down Flinders lane in my designs, especially when they have added a bit of their own personality by wearing the garment in a totally different way than I designed it.
A couple of weeks ago Lana Del Rey wore my designs when she was in Melbourne and that was amazing!!

- Where or when do you feel most inspired? I can get inspired pretty much anywhere, I have to be careful where I go, or I might end up designing a collection based on an Air Supply Concert and buildings in Shanghai (like my Peace Hotel collection a couple of Summers ago...)
I feel most inspired when I am draping in my studio.

- Could you give us any tidbits about your next collection?
Oh I am so excited by my A/W collection....
It is inspired by two interior designers and socialites from the 1950's Dorothy Draper and Sister Parish, who were actually cousins.
Dorothy Draper was very anti-minimalist <> , she would use bright, exuberant colors and large prints that would encompass whole walls. She incorporated black and white tiles, rococo <>  scrollwork, and Baroque <> plasterwork.
The collection has a real clash of colours and patterns and the styles are much more tailored than my usual draped garments.

- What's the best fashion advice you've been given?
To stay true to yourself.........

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